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For the inaugural edition of Out of the Toy Box column, I chose the Blueberry Buzz to play with. When I saw it online, I was really intrigued by the sinuous shape and the bumps and when I saw how inexpensive it was compared to a lot of vibrators that looked less intriguing, I just had to try it.

After a few days of eagerly checking my mailbox, my Blueberry arrived and I couldn’t wait to play with it. When I unwrapped the lovely vibrator, the first thing I noticed was that it didn’t smell strongly of plastic or have weird oily mold release on it. I have run across more than a few inexpensive toys whose manufacturers seem to have cut costs by not cleaning them before packaging but this was not at all the case with my Blueberry Buzz. I still gave it a good bath in toy cleaner and dried it before playing with it – it’s just a good practice.

It’s actually quite a lovely vibrator in a transparent/translucent shade of more a dark teal than a true blueberry. You can see inside to the motor, the inner workings and the battery compartment. The aesthetics are part of what drew me to select it and I was not at all disappointed when I had it in hand.

I turned the ringer on my phone off, unearthed the fresh packet of AA batteries and inserted them into the vibrator. I spun the dial to turn it on and was really blown away by the strength of the vibrations. This was NOT a wimpy vibrator. Ohh la-la!

A nice squirt of lube (I didn’t even have to check the bottle to see which one) and I was off to town. The small tip of the Blueberry applied to my clit resulted in an almost immediate orgasm! I love vibrators that are intense but I turned it down to about half-power to continue to play. The curves and flared ridges made it a lot of fun for vaginal penetration and it was slender enough that I could use the smaller end knob to caress and tease my G-Spot. The exploration had to pause for a bit when I came again but I had a lot of fun easing my orgasm along by running those lovely curves between my labia and alongside my clit.

The Blueberry Buzz is a great little vibrator and an absolutely amazing deal at the $20 price tag it normally has. It’s quite well made, with no spurs or sharp edges at all. Its o-ring seal indeed made it waterproof, as a later hot-tub experiment proved.
This is a strong vibrator. Not as strong as the plug in models (duh) but one of the most powerful “stick” vibrators I’ve found to date. If you only like light or slow vibration, this is not a toy for you. If you like a vibrator that can launch you into an immediate frenzy, this may be it.

At six inches long and one inch in diameter, this is not a large or thick vibrator but the curves make it quite fun to use for thrusting or rubbing externally. If you really want a great degree of fullness, this may not be the vibrator for you. If you are very tight or small, you’ll want to start out slowly before proceeding to more enthusiastic thrusting. I found it luscious and, as you might be able to tell, really liked the texture.

Because the Blueberry Buzz is hard plastic, it can be washed with anti-bacterial soap, specialized toy cleaner or alcohol. But it can’t actually be sterilized (most vibrators cannot) so a condom is the rule if you are using it anally or sharing it with anyone. I’d also caution that, after the first use, I found the cap at the end where the battery door and control knob is to be very difficult to clean as it’s ridged plastic with a few gaps. I now always use the Blueberry with a condom for any kind of penetration.

The Blueberry is a bit noisy. Not the loudest vibrator I’ve played with but definitely not a “sneak a nooner in the ladies” level of noise. I have a clitoral hood ring so a few times I startled myself a bit with the combination of the noise of the vibrator and the loud buzzing of the jewelry against it. I don’t think you can easily pass it off as an electric toothbrush if your kids ask about the sound.

I found it easy to adjust the power in mid-play as the control knob is well shaped to not get in the way or irritate, but is still wide enough to grip with sticky or slick fingers.

The Blueberry Buzz is not designed for anal penetration and does not have a stopper or flange to prevent complete insertion so care is needed if you choose to use it anally.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a vibrator that is versatile, powerful and pretty and won’t break the bank, the Blueberry Vibe is a fantastic choice! I highly recommend it and it has a permanent place in my Toy Box.

Blueberry Buzz
Material: Hard Plastic
Powered by: 2 AA batteries (not included)
Waterproof: Yes
Recommended Cleaning: Anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner
Recommended Lube: Any
Care: Clean thoroughly after each use and remove batteries when not in use. Allow to dry fully before storing.
Available at Babeland

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Note: This item was provided for review by Babeland and buy links point back to that provider. This review was originally published in February 2009 as part of my “Out of the Toy Box” column for the Erotic Readers and Writers Association but has been re-edited for this blog. Photographs are courtesy of Babeland.

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