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In the case of the Cascade Wand, I think what caught my eye, again, was the profile. I’m a sucker for texture and the Cascade Wand had the added bonus of both a bumpy textured end and a smooth end.

When my Cascade Wand arrived, I opened the box and my first impression was surprise that it was as long as it was. I’d READ that it was 12 inches long but it hadn’t really registered. This dildo is not a discrete one unless you bury it in your laptop bag under your widescreen laptop. It did come in a nice black bag that would coordinate with my luggage and which was large enough to add a small bottle of lube and some condoms, maybe even another small toy.

As I do with all new toys, I gave the Cascade a careful once over before any play commenced. I was impressed by the lack of chemical smell or oily residue and it was marvelously scratch and burr free. A beautiful finish in an clear transparent acrylic and not a flaw to be found. After a nice first bath in toy cleaner, it was ready to be…explored.

Since my partner was out of town for a few days, I sent a brief text message and picture to gloat, then turned off the phone and retired to the bedroom to play. I didn’t need lube so I didn’t bother by YMMV (Your Moistness May Vary) so don’t hesitate to use lube if you like or need more than Mother Nature feels like gracing you with at that moment.

First I played with the bumpy ridged end, rubbing it up and down my labia and my clit. The acrylic made sure it slipped and slid wonderfully. Ready to step it up a notch, I slipped the end into my vagina and let the thrusting commence. Wow – the ridges on this particular dildo are very intense and non-subtle. I did discover that I couldn’t really hold onto the other end to manipulate the dildo and ended up having to grasp it closer to the middle to allow thrusting. It’s LONG. This also means I could overwhelm myself with stronger thrusting and harder penetration than I could enjoy.

After a couple of very nice orgasms, I needed to take a break. Giving the Cascade another toy cleaner bath, I turned on the cell phone to find several messages from my partner. He called me CRUEL! Then he dared me to try the non-bumpy end as a butt plug/anal toy. Well, he dared me to try a few other things too, but I chose to not pay attention to those dares …

The next night I clothed the Cascade Wand in a condom because scratches in the acrylic can house bacteria and with a generous dollop of lube and some masturbation foreplay, I discovered the Cascade makes a very nice anal toy.

The Cascade Wand is a very formidable dildo at its list price of $30. It’s well made and very well finished with no mold marks and no cracks or burrs. At a full foot long, it’s very impressive looking in its crystal clear acrylic. If you’re looking for a discrete dildo, this is not the one for you.

It’s not excessively thick at 1 ¾ inches at its widest point which is actually just before the taper on the smooth end. The curves and bumps are quite pronounced so it has quite a bit of texture for those who really like that aspect. I did manage to cross the boundary to discomfort with too forceful thrusting but when I slowed down, I very much enjoyed it. If you like a lot of texture, this may be a great choice for you.

Because of the length, manipulation can be a bit of a trick, I was able to use it on my g-spot most easily when I flipped over to doggy style and I did discover that I was able to just about bruise my cervix when I got too enthusiastic because my leverage was so good and it was so long.

The Cascade Wand can be washed with anti-bacterial soap, specialized toy cleaner or alcohol. Because it’s solid acrylic, it can also be sterilized in boiling water. Even with these cleaning options, I still recommend condoms when using the Cascade Wand anally or sharing with anyone. Acrylic does scratch and those scratches can harbor bacteria.

Because of its length, the Cascade Wand is not a great dildo for purse carry unless you use a weekender as your purse, in which case I think you should call your chiropractor. It does come with a very nice and roomy black drawstring bag for storage and to keep the kids from using it as an improvised light saber if they find it.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for an easy care, hard dildo that has lots of texture, can double as an anal plug/toy and that doesn’t empty your checkbook, the Cascade Wand is a great choice. I enjoyed it so much it went into the “keeper” toy box. I wonder what I can dare my partner into?

Cascade Wand
Material: Hard Plastic (Acrylic)
Powered by: n/a
Waterproof: Yes
Recommended Cleaning: Anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner. Can be heat sterilized by boiling.
Recommended Lube: Any
Care: Clean thoroughly after each use
Available at Babeland

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Note: This item was provided for review by Babeland and buy links point back to that provider. This review was originally published in March 2009 as part of my “Out of the Toy Box” column for the Erotic Readers and Writers Association but has been re-edited for this blog. Photographs are courtesy of Babeland.

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