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24kt Gold Pure Package Glass Dildos - Photo courtesy of Ruby Glass 21's website

I initially found Ruby Glass 21 through Twitter and my love of hard toys made me sit up and take notice. I think glass toys are works of art and when I heard these are hand-blown art glass, I had to check them out. I’m glad I did.

The Ruby Glass 21 website is well laid out and I was easily able to rifle through the categories in the sidebar to the left to look at their products. And boy are they GORGEOUS. Gorgeous glasswork and beautifully proportioned as well.

Ruby Glass 21 has a very informative and interesting About Us page that describes their location as Eugene, Oregon and I briefly entertained a day trip but they don’t actually have a retail location. Damn. But they have great information on this page and an obvious pride in the work they do and a love and concern for their customers. The fact they are 100% in-house blown means a lot to me, actually. I know a lot of craftspeople and I think the hands of someone who works with the same materials all the time seem to have a sort of near-magic “knowledge” about their materials. I know I can feel when something is off with my stained glass and my beading. It just feels wrong. It’s got to be the same for glassworkers.

Ruby Glass 21’s site also have an excellent Glass FAQ page where you can learn the basics of glass toys, what kind of glass is used, what inclusions are, to the basics of temperature play with glass. This is a great resource for those new and not-so-new to glass toys.

There are great videos on their site of the toys being made as well. Very worth a watch.

But here’s what really entranced me – MJ at Ruby Glass 21 has set up a LIVE FEED so you can go the the feed and watch these toys being made. Live. Right there on your monitor! Eventually they hope to set it up so you can pick your glass and then be given a link to watch as your toy is/was being made. Somehow that bit just tickles me – I can watch my OWN toy be blown. How cool is that? Right now, though, you can watch MJ work on various toys and it’s both entertaining and fascinating. I love watching MJ masterfully maneuver a formerly straight piece of glass into a graceful arc in seconds. It just … happens.

Right now the feed is video only and it has a bit of interference causing a light wave pattern on the video but MJ is working hard to get that cleared up. I know they have plans to add audio and multiple camera angles as well. Even with the current issue and limitations, I find myself mesmerized every time I turn it on. Maybe it’s just me but I bet other people will be fascinated as well.

I’m hoping to put together an interview with MJ for this blog where I can ask some questions about the making of these toys, Ruby Glass 21’s upcoming plans, and even how he got started in glassworking in general and toys in particular. I know I’m curious and hope you are too.

I’m also trying to pick out a toy to buy and review at the moment. But I have to make a decision and, boy, is that hard. The toys are beautiful and VERY well-priced, especially for hand-blown glass produced in-house. The vast majority of glass toys range from $20 to $100, with a single $220 toy, and if you’ve ever priced really well-made glass toys, you’ll know how reasonable this is. I’ve seen glass toys I’m not nearly so attracted to sell for much more. I just have to try one for myself – you know, to check out the workmanship and quality for myself.

Now if I could just make up my MIND.

Keep your eye here for more from Ruby Glass 21 and definitely check out their website and UStream feed. You won’t be sorry.

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