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I couldn’t resist asking for the nJoy Pure Wand (once known as the Jupiter Wand). My regular readers already know that I’m quite fond of hard toys and I happen to really love metal toys as well as glass ones. I have several metal anal plugs that I love and the Pure Wand was just too gorgeous and tempting to not request.

When my box arrived, I was surprised by the weight. I know, I know, the description says it weighs a pound and a half but I guess I’d not actually thought about it too much. It makes quite the impression, let me tell you.

The Pure Wand actually comes in it’s own form-fitted, satin-lined box to nestle inside but I think the gleam of the beautifully polished stainless steel outshone the presentation. It’s a truly lovely and sleek toy and definitely crosses into the “work of art” realm. The Pure Wand is about eight inches long total with a curving shaft and two ball ends, one is an inch in diameter and the other is an inch and a half.

I did eventually get my fill of merely staring at the Pure Wand and pulled it out of its nest. Oh boy! This is one really heavy toy. It’s solid stainless with the heft (and heat transfer) of that material. This was is the first toy that I feel could actually serve as a personal defense item, if necessary. Though somehow I doubt the other family members would appreciate it taking the place of the cricket bat I keep by the bed. Maybe I can still reach it in the headboard – in case of emergency, you know.

I found absolutely no burs or defects on the Pure Wand. The finish was polished to a mirror shine everywhere but the very center of the shaft where there was a small area with the nJoy logo and a matte finish. I still gave it a nice bath in toy cleaner just in case there was polishing compound or something else I couldn’t feel or smell.

Unlike a lot of other toys, though, I couldn’t just dive into the test driving – steel toys are very good at conducting heat and cold and, being as how it was a chilly day, the Pure Wand was quite chilly and I wasn’t at all in the mood to get vaginal frostbite. Luckily enough, this was easy to solve – I ran enough hot water in the bathroom sink to cover the Pure Wand and let it warm up in the water for about five minutes. Nice and toasty, even to the tongue!

No need for lube today, though your wetness may vary, and I began by running the smaller ball end between my labia, around my clit and back down around the rim of my vagina. The high polish made this a smooth, slippery experience and even skipping over my clitoral hood ring without a wince or cringe. Not something I can expect with a softer or less slick toy. I chose to not clothe the Pure Wand in a condom because, unlike a lot of other materials, stainless steel CAN be sterilized if necessary and is not terribly easy to scratch.

A nice warm-up but I wanted more so I reversed the Pure Wand and slowly inserted the larger ball end in my vagina. What a rush! The combination of the warm metal, the slickness and ease of penetration and the weight of the toy really works for me. The weight pulls the toy downward which, in turn, causes it to stroke my g-spot more firmly. The nice curve of the shaft means I didn’t have to try contortionist maneuvers to manipulate it which thrusting or take my other hand off my clit and deprive myself of that stimulation.

G-spot stimulation causes me to take longer to reach orgasm but I have a more intense orgasm and this was one of the kings (queens?) of intensity. I had to stop to recover for a bit before I could get up and clean the Pure Wand.

When my partner decided to come to bed, he discovered his late-night gaming had cost him his turn and took matters into his own hands. He loved the smaller ball end of the Pure Wand used for prostate stimulation – especially once he persuaded me to “lend a hand”.

The Pure Wand is great for both vaginal and anal penetration and definitely a toy for either sex. I wouldn’t recommend it for solo, doggy-style vaginal use because the weight of the toy will work against you if you are trying to stimulate your g-spot. If a partner is doing the work, it can be fun though. It’s also not well suited to simultaneous use by two people because of the relatively short length and the curve of the shaft.

The Pure Wand is also not a toy for use while standing, especially solo. Remember, it weighs a pound and a half and it’s solid stainless steel. If you drop it, you can damage whatever it hits and I don’t know anyone who thinks foot or toe injury is at all sexy or arousing. The high polish means the Pure Wand can be slippery when wet or lubed and you should take extra care.

The Pure Wand is especially well suited for those who like to experiment with temperature as it can be chilled or heated. I do recommend that you always test the toy temperature on something like a wrist before you apply it to more sensitive areas, however.

I would say it would be a toy that’s not suitable for carry-on while traveling unless you want to become much better acquainted with TSA and probably lose your expensive toy. I’m sure they would classify it as a potential weapon!

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a beautiful toy that can work for both sexes, g-spot and prostate penetration is easy care and will last forever; the Pure Wand is a terrific choice. It’s not cheap but it will more than earn its price for you and won’t wear out. If you like softer dildos or silicon, this may not be the toy for you. I absolutely love this toy and it has found a home very close at hand!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Pure Wand
Material: Stainless Steel (medical grade)
Powered by: n/a
Waterproof: Yes
Recommended Cleaning: Anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner. Can be heat sterilized by boiling or even autoclaved if you just happen to own an autoclave.
Recommended Lube: Any
Care: Clean thoroughly after each use
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Note: This item was provided for review by Babeland and buy links point back to that provider. This review was originally published in June 2009 as part of my “Out of the Toy Box” column for the Erotic Readers and Writers Association but has been re-edited for this blog. Photographs are courtesy of Babeland.