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This month I’d like to introduce you to the Fun Wand by nJoy. Any regular readers know how much I love hard toys, especially those with fun shapes and textures. The Fun Wand used to be called the Saturn Wand – I actually like the original name more but maybe I’m in the minority. Who wouldn’t like a toy named after the Roman god of the harvest? Wouldn’t it bode well that you’d reap a great orgasm from it? Ah, but I digress….

I had a great degree of confidence when I requested the Fun Wand since I’ve yet to be disappointed by any of nJoy’s steel toys. The Fun Wand definitely lived up to my expectations. It arrived nestled in it’s form-fitting, satin-lined box and when I pulled it out of its nest, I had a hard time putting it back and hiding it from the kid. I really shouldn’t open packages before he goes to bed, even if he does seem engrossed in the TV.

The Fun Wand weighs in at a generous eleven ounces and seven and a half inches long. The sinuous curve of the shaft has a one inch tapered bulb on one end a series of three smaller bulbs on the other. The medical-grade stainless steel makes it one of the easiest care toys you can own and very durable.

As soon as I had some moments to myself, I retrieved the Fun Wand from its hiding place and scampered off to my bedroom so I could lock the door and not worry about unexpected interruptions. I pulled the Fun Wand from its case and gave it a quick wash and lubed it up, then hopped up on the bed and discovered an important safety tip.

Do not put your steel toys in the unheated garage in the middle of winter unless you are willing to run it under warm water until it reaches a temperature that will not make your vagina clench completely closed in torment and having you biting a pillow lest your scream wake your family. Being a SOLID steel toy, it tends to retain heat – and cold.

Once I’d recovered from my trauma and the Fun Wand was heated up to something much closer to body temperature, I re-lubed the toy and started playing. I loved the feel of the slick steel on labia and the larger single-bulb end proved to be a lovely g-spot stimulator. The curve in the Fun Wand’s made it easy to hit my g-spot just right without straining my arm. That kind of pain can so blow the mood of a really good orgasm!

Once I’d caught my breath again, I reversed the Fun Wand and nestled it into a condom coat to see just what the intriguing set of bulbs would feel like anally. I loved the size and the narrow necks between the bulbs. The only downside is that the curve in the Fun Wand seemed to work against me when I was using it anally on myself. I had to do a bit of contortion and it was a bit awkward. That said, I think if a partner was using it on me, the wand’s curve would be a considerable bonus. I’ll have to have my partner help me test that out.

The Fun Wand is a well-made, durable and multi-purpose toy. It has a current price of $88 and I don’t think that’s at all out of line for a toy of this quality. I’ve never found a rough spot or flaw on any of my nJoy toys and the Fun Wand is no exception.

The Fun Wand is usable both vaginally and anally and, though it’s fairly heavy and long, it’s not so wide that it would scare off people who prefer smaller toy diameters. If you really want a huge toy, this may not be the toy for you.

If you like anal play in particular or want to experiment with it, the Fun Wand may be a great toy for you. Its length means you don’t have a lot of fears about the toy being “lost” and the stainless steel is wonderfully slick when lubed. I certainly do not recommend seeing if you can insert the entire Fun Wand internally.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a hard toy that is versatile, easy-care, durable and well made that won’t break the bank, the Fun Wand is a fantastic choice! I highly recommend it and it has a permanent place in my Toy Box.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Material: Stainless Steel
Powered by: N/A
Waterproof: Yes
Recommended Cleaning: Anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner. Can be heat sterilized by boiling or even autoclaved if you just happen to own an autoclave.
Recommended Lube: Any
Care: Clean thoroughly after each use.
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Note: This item was provided for review by Babeland and buy links point back to that provider. This review was originally published in February 2010 as part of my “Out of the Toy Box” column for the Erotic Readers and Writers Association but has been re-edited for this blog. Photographs are courtesy of Babeland.

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