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Posted on October 24, 2010 by

Ghads – the last couple of months have been … painful. I’ve been absent so long I think I’ve become a ghost!

First I got the flu. Then I did something to my back that I *thought* would pass but it just kept getting worse – to the point I wasn’t able to type or do much with my right hand at all. Turns out I have a bulging disk in my back that is pressing on the nerves that go to my right arm. I’ve been under a LOT of chiropractic care for a month now and things are slowly improving – at least to the point I can type for more than ten minutes at a time (all of which had been reserved for the evil day job).

I’m going to get a list of items waiting for review this week and we’ll see just how well I can play with toys with a gimpy right arm. Ever discover that it sucks to masturbate with your non-dominant hand? Almost as much as it sucks to try to mouse with it!


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